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The Teen Movie Project

Back in (let’s say) September 2009, I was watching an 80s teen movie with Colin and Liz, and suddenly making one seemed like a really good idea. But where would we get the script? Wait–hold the phone! It turns out I wrote a teen movie back in 1999, when I was an actual teen. My friends bailed on me before we could start production, but not before I wrote 50 pages of detailed notes, made a box full of props, and planned out the soundtrack (spoiler: it’s full of Hole, Silverchair, and the Offspring).

It needed to be made. So I went on a mission to film the entire movie, exactly as it was intended to be made in 1999.

My So-Called Movie from Cari Turley on Vimeo.

For filming updates, check out all entries tagged with “teen movie” in the blog. You can also download the script and original production bible in PDF format below. Feel free to distribute it, have a laugh, or even film it yourself. But if you do, I want to hear about it!


[download the movie script - pdf]


You have a pretty cool room. (spots a poster) You like the Smashing Pumpkins?


Mm-Hmm. That picture’s a still from “Tonight, Tonight.” It’s a really cool video, but I’ve only seen it once. All my CD’s are right there next to you if you want to look through them.


Thanks. (scans the titles) Beck, Garbage, Alanis, sure … Oh, I didn’t see you as a Barenaked Ladies person!

It continues like that for at least an hour.

If you’re a total masochist, check out the original production bible, too. It features the original Elizabeth’s Flowers show poster, made by yours truly in MS Paint. Mind-blowingly awful.

[download the original production notes - pdf]



Jen: Cari Turley

Julia: Rhonda Friberg

Alex: Alex Friedman

Elizabeth: Nora Merecicky

Tommy: David Trease

Mike: Simon Miller

Keith: Benjamin HuffmanMr. Anderson: Kyle SircusMrs. Fairland: Kathy Turley

Mrs. Gillies: Jessica Majers

Mr. Parkerr: Sean Senti

Alyssa: Alison Maloney

Aaron: Nathan Senti


Written by: Cari Turley (age 15)

Directed by: Cari Turley (age 27)

Director of Photography: Jonathan Potter

Music by: Nebula Force, Go!